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Why to choose us?Because we care about quality!

Rent a boat Athens with unique moments that will follow you throughout your life! We are also dedicated to taking care of our customers, offering only the best maintained motorboats, combined with the highest standards for your safety on board.

Bertram 28
Length8Capacity10Price€ 590Year2024TypeMotorboat
Axopar 37 XC
Aerial view of a high-performance black motorboat navigating open waters
Idalia Technohull
Tiara 3700 Rubicon
Marios Marios
Marios Marios
Από τη στιγμή που ανεβήκαμε στο σκάφος μέχρι την επιστροφή μας στην ακτή, η εμπειρία μας ήταν απλά φανταστική. Η εξυπηρέτηση ήταν άψογα φιλική και προσεγμένη, με το πλήρωμα να είναι πάντα διαθέσιμο για να εξασφαλίσει την άνεσή μας και να απαντήσει σε κάθε ερώτηση.
Ραπτη Παναγιωτα
Ραπτη Παναγιωτα
Ήταν όλα άψογα! Σας ευχαριστούμε για την εμπειρία που μας χαρίσατε!
Manos Patias
Manos Patias
-Professionals 100%. Always available and ready to provide you with any information regarding weather and boat stuff. For them safety is a priority. Vasilis will make anything to help you no matter what!
Terry Business
Terry Business
Great boating experience!
Angel Giannopoulos
Angel Giannopoulos
Very good guy and very nice boat !!!!
G Bala
G Bala
Very nice boats very good servise vasilis explaing
Konstantinos Baliotis
Konstantinos Baliotis
Very good service
Jorgos Marin
Jorgos Marin
Very good service and vwry kind people!!! Beautiful boats!!!

Enjoy a luxurious experience
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Rent a boat in Athens today and start an amazing journey across the beautiful seas. At Boat4all, we’re dedicated to giving you an unforgettable luxury marine adventure. We offer a variety of modern and luxurious yachts, ensuring that each trip with us is comfortable, safe, and stylish.
Furthermore, at Boat4all, we believe your experience should be extraordinary. Therefore, we carefully maintain our vessels to the highest standards. This is to make sure you enjoy not just comfort but also safety on your journey. Plus, our skilled crew is committed to excellence. They focus on meeting your needs with professionalism and kindness, making sure your adventure is nothing less than perfect.

  • Personalized Experiences
  • Excellent Hospitality
  • Safety and Comfort

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