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Bertram 28
Length8Capacity10Price€ 590Year2024TypeMotorboat
Axopar 37 XC
Aerial view of a high-performance black motorboat navigating open waters
Idalia Technohull
Tiara 3700 Rubicon
Rock Marine 30
Ribco 29
Length9Capacity9Price €1200€Year2022TypeMotorboat
Side view of the DEUS RIB boat, showing its sleek design and bimini top.
Length9Capacity9Price €980€Year2023typeMotorboat
Several sleek and modern speedboats docked at a harbor with a picturesque town and mountainous landscape in the background.
Seafighter Rib 36
Length11Capacity10Price €1500 €Year2022typeMotorboat
Sail through the Aegean Sea in unmatched style aboard our 7-meter luxury RIB, where every detail exudes elegance and every journey promises a blend of adventure and sophisticated comfort.
Filippos Rib boat
Length7.5Capacity8Price €€ 550Year2023typeMotor Boat
A speedboat with red seats cruising on the ocean at sunset with a small island in the background.
Technohul 999 open edition
Length10.3Capacity8Price €1100 €Year2022typeMotor Boat
Top-down view of a luxury white speedboat floating on deep blue waters.
Length12.4Capacity12Price €1900€Year2023typeMotor Boat
A sleek speedboat with powerful engines cruising on open water, with distant mountains in the background.
Skipper 38NC
Length11.5Capacity12Price €1500 €Year2023typeMotor Boat
A close-up of the seating area on a boat featuring three brown, diamond-stitched chairs with a scenic ocean backdrop.
Length10Capacity10Price €1300 €Year2023typeMotor boat
Discover the world in style with the Dream28 RIB, where each voyage is an unforgettable blend of elegance and adventure.
Dream28 RIB
Length9mCapacity10Price €€ 750Year2022typeMotorboat
A 10-meter RIB motorboat, available for rent with a license or with a skipper, slices through the waves, unveiling the revolutionary sailing experience offered by Revolution 28 from Boat4All, accessible to everyone.
raindrop 28 revolution
Length9mCapacity2020Price €690 €Year2022typemotorboat
Experience unparalleled freedom on the Dream28 RIB, a luxurious 10-meter motorboat designed for adventure and comfort, perfectly embodying Boat4All's vision of accessible seafaring adventures for everyone.
Rib Boat DROP 30
Length10mCapacity10Price pd.€ 680Year€ 2020typeMotorboat
The Fost Rib, poised for an unforgettable day at sea, combines luxury and adventure in every journey.
Fost Rib
Length6,8 mCapacity6Price €€ 300Year2021typeMotorboat
The 7-meter Luxury RIB, a vessel for luxurious exploration, cutting through the Aegean towards undiscovered wonders.
lobster 7
Length7 mCapacity8Price pd.€490Year2023typeMotorboat
The IMPERIUS 42, equipped with state-of-the-art navigation, glides through the Aegean, promising safety and style in every journey.
Imperius 42 Black
Length12mCapacity12Price €€ 1580Year2023typeMotorboat
A speedboat cruising on open blue water with a distant shoreline and mountains in the background.
Imperius 42
Length12mCapacity10Price €1580€Year2023typeMotorboat
Rock 36
Length11 mCapacity10Price €1100 €Year2022typeMotorboat
Alexandra 5 metter
Length5 mCapacity5Price €€ 170Year2023typeMotorboat
Eros, a 10.44-meter luxury RIB, gliding through the sea with elegance, its twin engines promising speed and its deck exuding luxury, ready to transform your Greek island adventure.
Rock 36 Red
Length11mCapacity10Price €€ 1200Year2022typeMotorboat
The Axopar 25 setting sail on a personalized adventure, intimate and ready to explore the hidden gems of the Aegean Sea.
Axopar 25
Length8 mCapacity8Price€€ 780Year€ 2023typeMotorboat
Oceanic 9 metter
Length9 mCapacity10Price €€ 780Year€ 2022typeMotorboat
Eleftheria 5 Metter
Length5 mCapacity5Price €€ 190Year2023typeMotorboat
Olimpia 5 metter
Length5 mCapacity5Price €€ 170Year2023typeMotorboat