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2024 Rock Marine 30: Your Ultimate Day Cruiser

Step into adventure with the 2024 Rock Marine 30, a 9.14-meter boat equipped with twin 250 Yamaha engines. This sleek and powerful vessel combines performance and comfort, featuring a modern design and an onboard toilet for added convenience. Perfect for day trips and coastal explorations, the Rock Marine 30 ensures an unforgettable experience on the water.


with skipper or without

Welcome Aboard the 2024 Rock Marine 30

Experience the thrill of the open water with the 2024 Rock Marine 30, a sleek and powerful 9.14-meter boat designed for adventure and comfort. Perfect for day trips and coastal exploration, this vessel promises an exhilarating and smooth ride with its advanced features.


  • Length: 9.5 meters
  • Engines: 2x 250 Yamaha engines
  • Toilet: Equipped with a convenient onboard toilet

Performance and Features:

  • Manufacturer: Rock Marine, known for high-quality construction and modern design
  • Model Year: 2024
  • Engines: Two powerful 250 Yamaha engines ensure quick and efficient travel
  • Amenities: Includes a toilet for added convenience during your trips

Why Choose the 2024 Rock Marine 30? Firstly, the Rock Marine 30 offers a spacious and modern design, perfect for day trips and short getaways. Additionally, its twin Yamaha engines provide reliable and powerful performance, making every journey smooth and enjoyable. Furthermore, the boat is equipped with an onboard toilet, adding to the comfort and convenience for you and your guests.

Plan Your Adventure: Finally, set sail on the 2024 Rock Marine 30 and discover the excitement of the open water. Whether you’re cruising along the coastline or exploring new destinations, this boat ensures an unforgettable experience with its combination of power, style, and comfort.


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