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Rock 36: The Quintessence of Luxury and Performance on the Sea

Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of power and sophistication aboard the Rock 36, a 10.44-meter luxury RIB that promises to redefine your sea voyages. Designed to cater to connoisseurs of the nautical world, the Ataraxia encapsulates the spirit of adventure with the promise of an exceptional on-water experience.

Length11 mCapacity10Price €1100 €Year2022typeMotorboatShare


Skipper 38NC: High-Performance Luxury Boat

Overview: The Skipper 38NC stands as a testament to nautical excellence, merging unmatched performance with the luxury of the seas. Therefore, it is perfect for those seeking a high-performance rental experience.


  • Length: 10.44 meters
  • Beam: 2.70 meters
  • Draught: 0.45 meters
  • Engine Power: Twin 300 horsepower engines
  • CE Category: B+C (offshore and coastal trips)
  • Capacity: Up to 10 passengers


  • Hull Design: The 4-step hull ensures rapid planing and thrilling acceleration.
  • Deck: High-end fabrics and ergonomic bucket-shaped seats offer both comfort and safety.
  • Advanced Helm Station: This state-of-the-art control system makes every journey intuitive and exhilarating.
  • Versatile Use: It is ideal as a tender to larger yachts or for independent adventures.

Performance and Safety:

  • Dynamic Agility: With powerful dual engines, the Skipper 38NC provides smooth handling and impressive speed.
  • Safety Standards: It adheres to rigorous safety standards, ensuring peace of mind on the water.

Luxury Onboard:

  • Comfortable Seating: Plush seating is designed for relaxation.
  • Entertainment Suite: A high-fidelity sound system sets the perfect onboard ambiance.

Why Rent the Skipper 38NC? By choosing the Skipper 38NC, you enjoy a blend of speed, luxury, and safety. Whether you seek high-speed thrills or a leisurely cruise, this boat guarantees a memorable experience.

Explore With Us: Charter the Skipper 38NC for an unforgettable journey. Moreover, it is perfect for family outings, intimate gatherings, or corporate events. This boat offers both luxury and adventure. Therefore, contact us to reserve your adventure on this exquisite craft.