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A Thrilling Launch from Athens to Aegina’s Charms

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Boat4all

where the azure canvas of the Saronic Gulf unfolds before you. Departing from the vibrant heart of Athens, your day begins with a pulse-quickening cruise aboard our signature RIB boats. Feel the thrill as we slice through the waves, the cityscape fading into the horizon behind us.

Within just an hour, courtesy of our powerful dual engines, the enchanting isle of Aegina emerges as your playground for the day. Choose to dock in the quaint embrace of Perdika, a fishing village where time stands still among the bobbing boats and waterfront eateries. Savor the catch of the day, fresher than a sea breeze, and let the languid charm of the harbor wrap around you.

Alternatively, anchor in the golden embrace of Agia Marina Bay, where the sun-kissed beach welcomes you to its warm sands and crystalline waters. Here, leisure is measured in moments of blissful dips and sun-soaked relaxation.

As dusk falls, the day’s adventure settles into a serene evening. Aboard your private vessel, Athens isn’t just a starting point—it’s a round-trip ticket to the extraordinary, with the promise of returning under a sky streaked with sunset hues.